Strategic Planning Workshops

We can help to ensure your next planning workshop is a  success.  Nina Harding has helped numerous organisations have successful and energetic strategic planning workshops.  She has the ability to define the issues, cut to the chase, lead a conversation on difficult emotive issues and do it in an inclusive and fun way.

Our methodology:

1. Plan and prepare well to ensure success.  We suggest 3 or 4 preparation meetings prior to the Strategic Planning workshop to identify goals, discuss the most effective format for the meeting, confirm the desired outcomes and prepare the organising team for their roles.  Nina’s skills at presenting and communicating enable her to give sound advice on making meetings effective.

2. Prepare pre-reading, surveys, power-points and other material.  Leave little to chance.  A thorough preparation will enable the team to present the information in a clear and focused format.  Preparation also ensures the participants arrive ready for action.

3. Have some fun.  We feel that any meeting is more effective when the format is interesting, stimulating and goals are clearly identified.  Nina has experience in using different materials to stimulate the discussion, including video clips, stories and games.

4. Clearly identify goals.  We can help you to identify the goals and outputs that are necessary from your strategic planning workshop.  We can prepare a report of the outcomes.

5. Confidence on the day.  Whatever the content, the goals or the impediments, we can help your meeting run smoothly.  Nina is experienced in handling complex issues and complicated situations.  She will help participants to talk about what really matters, whilst keeping to time and tackling the tricky issues.

We have facilitated Strategic Planning meetings for:

  • The Nature Conservancy – Strategic Planning Retreat to develop a Melanesian Conservation Action Plan
  • The University of NSW – Arts and Social Sciences, Planning for Change workshop
  • Macquarie University, HR Strategic Planning Workshop
  • The University of NSW – School of Arts and Media, Strategic Planning Workshop
  • St John (NSW) – state wide consultation to identify issues and then numerous planning meetings
  • McDonalds – Strategic Planning workshops
  • Mission Australia – Strategic Planning Workshop

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“An absolutely fantastic facilitator.”

Indra Sabaratnam, Customer Support Consultant, General Insurance/ BT


Ombudsman Conference_ cgleisner 2015 0099
“We really appreciated Nina’s guidance and expertise in helping make our planning day such a success.”

Pauline Nunn,  Coordinator, Mission Australia Court Support Service