We can help you to prepare for and achieve results in your next negotiation.

Our Experience includes:

  • Design and facilitation of negotiation processes  (We were asked to provide advice and assistance to company representatives involved in a large EBA negotiation. The company wanted to adopt a collaborative approach. Company personnel were given advice, skills coaching and assistance during the negotiation.)
  • Advice in regard to upcoming negotiations (We have helped with the design of negotiation processes and provided out and inside-the-room support)
  • Coaching and Training for Managers (We were asked recently to provide a 2 day workshop for senior managers to stop ‘contract creep’).
  • Advice about negotiating with Community and Environmental groups (We have helped companies to establish processes to enable a civil and collaborative negotiation on issues impacting on local groups)
  • Coaching and Training for Lawyers (We have conducted numerous negotiation training programs for lawyers)

Popular topics include:

  • Preparing for negotiations;
  • The fundamentals of negotiation;
  • Expectations about negotiations;
  • Setting up a team and achieving consistency;
  • Avoiding contract creep;
  • Tricks and Tactics;
  • Communicating your message; and
  • Breaking impasses and other skills.

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